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Unity to Unity connextion 8

Looking for a opinion we will have Unity connection cluster 1 pub and 1 sub each at a different site with a 1 gig connection in between all traffic goes through site where publisher is . Best practics states subscriber should handle all voice mail traffic my thinking is this dosent sound right if you are using ha acive active it should be split between the 2 servers we have 3800 mailboxes 200 sites since the core site is where the pub is and all sites go to this site first should the sub be at the core site or my thinking is if it truly is active active the load will be split between the two any thoughts

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity to Unity connextion 8


Active/Active just means both servers are up and capable of taking calls.  Best practices for UC follow the same as CUCM, where the subscriber does the majority of the call processing and the publisher handles all of the client access stuff (PCA, IMAP, etc).  Nothing is stopping you from sending calls from both subscriber and publisher, however the documentation says to send all calls to the subscriber.  If that ever becomes saturated, it can overflow to the publisher without any end user impact.

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