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Unity Tools - Bulk Edit with CSV

Hi All,

I am trying to import a csv (or text file) with 900 users in it. It gets to the part where it says "Loading subscriber data... 1 of 1" and sits there forever. I left it for 8 hours once and came back and it was still showing the same thing. Task Manager shows the application as Not Responding.

I have tried importing less and can only seem to get a response with less than 20 users.

Im running the version that came with Unity 4.2(1) which appears to be 4.0.82. I see their are other updates on but none seem to reference any fixes regarding this issue.

Is this a common problem? I cant break up the list of 900 people in groups of 20 it would take me forever to complete the change.

My import file looks like this.







Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Re: Unity Tools - Bulk Edit with CSV

With the CSV file, did it load any data from it? You can look in AD to see if the first subscriber even loaded. It sounds like you may have a permissions problems from Unity to AD. Unity probably cant create an account in AD or have rights. DNS issues, permissions issues, etc.

Log into Unity SA

Try to create a subsbriber from scratch.

Did it work? or did it fail?

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Re: Unity Tools - Bulk Edit with CSV

Are you certain alias is an allowed field, the only imports I have done have just included lastname, firstname, extension, and alternate extension for VM access, which is redundant but cannot hurt.

Re: Unity Tools - Bulk Edit with CSV

If Unity is creating the AD/Exchange account, on the CSV import, you can define the Alias. Just use the ALIAS as the column header and Unity bulk import will pick it up and create it in AD.


Re: Unity Tools - Bulk Edit with CSV

each column header is specific. there is documentation what the headers need to be. ext. needs to be DTMF_ACCESS_ID for instance.


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Re: Unity Tools - Bulk Edit with CSV

Thanks tcatlinins and ranpierce, I hope that helped the OP, it certainly helped me.

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