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Unity Transfers TSP problem

Hi experts:

I have Unity version 4.0.4sr1 ES97

Cisco CallManager 4.2.3

Unity TSP 8.1.3

Transfers from Unity to External Cell phone is not working fine.

The call flow is the following

Extension A calls Extension B CFNA to VM

I configure a Call Handler to answer the call it prompts for 2 options.

Option 2 is configured for attempt to transfer to a CallHandler. Call Transfer in that CallHandler is configured to ring a cell phone. The cell phone rings two times, but no more. (Same issue with other numbers)

The transfer is supervised

Rings to Wait for: has been changed from 2 to 4, then 6,8,10 but with no luck call is always disconnected from Unity. (According to TAC)

Call goes via an FXO H323 GW.

Release to switch works fine. (Which I dont want since callers hears silence for 5 secs aprox. and some may hang up the call)

If I change to an internal extension it works ok.

No errors in EV.

Unity has been rebooted.

Anyone has experience the same?

Any idea.

Thanks Experts


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Transfers TSP problem

After the two rings, what happens? Does Unity resume the original call and offer to take a message or does the caller get dropped?

As an experiment, try turning on call screening so that Unity won't release the transfer until the subscriber answers and explicitly accepts the calls. This will rule out the possibility that Unity is receiving a false connect from CCM. By default Unity will release a supervised transfer as soon as CCM tells it that the consultation call has connected.

In general, TAC is in the best position to help determine what is happening. Diags from Unity, CCM and probably the gateway are needed to know what is really happening. Without that, we're just taking stabs in the dark.


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Re: Unity Transfers TSP problem


Thanks so much for your answer.

After the two rings, what happens?

Unity resume the original call and offer to take a message.

I see a StationInit EndCall coming from VM port.

Will turn on Call Screening, any option in special?

Will work with TAC.

Thanks again

Re: Unity Transfers TSP problem

On your Call Handler to the Cell Phone, make sure you are not doing a supervised call transfer. If it is supervised, it will ring the remote device x times, in your case 2 times, then pull the call back into Unity to the next process.

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