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Unity UM 4.0.4 single cluster to 4.0.5 UM 3 clusters


I am working with a customer who would like to migrate a single Unity UM 4.0.4 cluster w/Exchange 2003 to 3 UM 4.0.5 UM clusters each with their own message store servers. Approx. 2500 subscribers/PDLs to be homed accross the 3 clusters.

They would like to digital network the clusters in order to forward from vm to vm. The 3 new clusters will be in a different domain than the existing one. The customer would also like to retain all voicemails/greetings/spoken names as well as the Unity server configurations (templates, COS, restrictions, etc.).

I believe the voicemail could be retained by migrating the mailboxes in exchange at which point I could import them into their respective Unity servers. Spoke name and greetings could be saved from the existing Unity and uploaded to the new servers, is there a more efficient way to do this? For the rest of the server configuration, given the domain and mailstore changes, could I just Dirt Restore to each of the servers in the new setup or will this not fly? Did I miss anything?

Any feedback would be great.

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Re: Unity UM 4.0.4 single cluster to 4.0.5 UM 3 clusters

Remember you have to base your design off their existing AD and Exchange infrastructure if you are talking about UM. UM is going to require different setup option than VM only.

Exchange is one Org in the AD domain. You can have multiply Exchange servers in the AD domain, but they are all connected in the backend with AD. People usually split up their Exchange servers to not put "all the eggs in one basket" Cluster Exchange is better, then creating multiple stores to divide herds into logical groups. (departments, offices, etc)

Unity will just attach to whatever Exchange Org is setup.

If you are migrating from 4.0.4, you will have to upgrade to 4.05 first, then migrate. You can only migrate between Unity servers if you have the same versions.

If the 4.04 is already UM, you are set. Just upgrade that one, and start installing more Unity servers at the version you want in the same AD.. you can migrate off that 4.04 box slowly then.

hope this helps

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