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Unity UM and VM only

The situation is that there are two separate servers on the same IPT network. One is for unified messaging subscribers and the other is for voicemail only subscribers. The problem is that when a UM subscriber tries to leave a voicemail for a VM only subscriber, the MWI indicates there is a message, but there is no message.

Any ideas?


Re: Unity UM and VM only

well, having trouble understanding how you can have a UM unity integration with Exchange and then a VM only integration by itself in the same AD network. Unless you have a standalone domain for the VM for Unity, then a UM unity with your production AD/exchange. Your PBX/Callmanager must integrated with both of them?

can you elaborate slightly on how this is setup? Sounds like the Unity VM server may not be integrated anywhere....

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Re: Unity UM and VM only

I must correct myself on one issue. Its not that the UM users cant leave messages with VM only users its that they cannot forward messages left for them to the VM only users.

Re: Unity UM and VM only

the way you have it setup, I don't think you will be able to foward messages between the system. You have to remember that Unity rides on the back of AD and Exchange. Think of forwarding an Email message from Exchange server to another. The only way this could happen, would with SMTP. The way Unity does this between other Unity Servers, is to use Digital Networking. The way digital networking is used is basically the same as multiple Exchange servers in the same Org or AD infrastructure.

If Unity UM and Unity VMO were connected in the same Domain, only one Exchange server could exsists. Therefore, only one AD. You can't have two seperate Exchange servers in a domain. They have to belong to the same Exchange Org. If you had Two Unity UM servers, they would digtially networked through AD/Exchange and Unity Networking. Voicemail users could foward messages to whomever is on the system.

Sounds like you are also managing two seperate directories also. Therefore, if you were to foward a message, by name or extension, the Unity server is not aware of the other Unity server.

You best bet, if not mistaken here... you would want to migrate the VMO users to the UM unity server. You can create accounts such as "John Doe-VM" so you can clearly see in AD, who are only VMO accounts and who are UM users, etc.

I'm not sure a Unity Bridge would work... it's not really used for this application, more of an Octel bridge scenario.

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