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Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

I have a Unity 4.05 deployed < a week, OS on Unity is Win 2003, backend Exch 2003. About 120 subscribers are homed on this server. A few subscribers dont get MWI, nor do they get the message on the phone, nor Outlook. If I go look at Message tracking center (System Manager) I can see that an NDR is generated when exchange tries to send the voice message to the recipient.

One thing to notice is that AD users have no consistency in the exchange alias names. Some users have <firstname>.<lastname> format, while some have <firstname>.<lastname>, while some users have <firstnamefirstletter><lastname> etc etc.

All the users who are not getting a voice message in their inbox do have their exchange alias in the format


Also, it seems that for these users, Unity is trying to send the voice message to a To address that looks really weird. And I guess the same reason why an NDR is generated by Exchange.

From: Unity Messaging System - TEMPUNITY1

Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 7:49 AM

To: /O=test/OU=Corporate/cn=Recipients/

Subject: Message from 92122223232

PS: Names/numbers have been edited.


Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

To see if your theory of alias is correct, pull up a subscriber in Unity and look at the profile with MWI problem or no vm delivery. Near the bottom of the page, you will see "alias" Does this match the alias in Exchange for this AD user? It could be possible that someone updated the alias in Exchange/AD. If you change the Alias in AD/Exchange, Unity will not be updated. Hence, the broken link with VM or MWI.

Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

I already verified that the subscriber's alias that shows up on Unity is same as the alias of the AD user.

This is what we have found so far.

We started looking at the LegacyExchangeDN attribute and for the broken users, the LegacyExchangeDN has the format hard coded in there.

We changed the LegacyExchangeDN for one of the broken users to firstname.lastname format. and that seem to fix the Voicemail problem for him, but as soon as we do this, we break his email account. After this change, we cannot send any emails to this particular user. (Voicemails do reach his inbox and also MWI lights up).

Not sure if there is a way to tell Unity, not to use LegacyExchangeDN to send the voicemail out to the subscriber.

Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

Hi -

Something else to check - recipient mail address for these users. What is coded for SMTP mail address in the user's record - Email Addresses Tab? The default recipient mail policy may not be creating the correct address. Here is a Microsoft link that discusses how to edit via policy -

You can, however, edit this information directly on the user's record. Which is something you may have to consider with the customer's varied naming standards.


Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.


There is a default policy and there is one that they custom created. The custom created on has which means it will sue the givenname.surname format. which looks fine for the users in question. and the custom created policy has a higher priority. So I guess the default policy should not be used correct ?

Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

Hi -

If a filter is not defined with the custom created policy, then it will apply to all users due to its higher priority. And in this case, yes, the default policy would not be used. Sorry this didn't help - in a situation like this there are many things to consider.


Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

Ginger there is a filter defined in that custom policy. (with higher priority) as follows.


Re: Unity UM - Voicemails dont reach some inboxes.

Hi again

The default (mailnickname=*) means everyone. So the filter is saying apply this recipient policy to any user that has a legacyExchangeDN=/O=Test/OU=Corp/*

Looks like this matches your voicemail enabled users. Any user NOT matching this legacyExchangeDN value falls through the filter and gets the Default policy. I forgot to mention, on the user's Email address tab, there is a checkbox "Automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy". If this box is checked the recipient policy was applied. Hey something I just found in dogpile - If you MUST change the legacyExchangeDN value, make sure that you add the OLD legacyExchangeDN value as an X500 address on the user account. This will allow replies to still work because the address Outlook tells Exchange to use is still valid. Outlook stores the old value value.


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