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Unity UM

Hello guys,

I just built a brand new Unity 4.2 (UM). But our users don't receive their VoiceMail in their outlook email. I can see the message stores in the Exchange but not in the email. Could someone please help me to resolve this issue?


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Re: Unity UM

Could someone please reply to this posting?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity UM

Well, not a lot to go on here - you probably want to contact TAC to get someone to look at your setup.

Unity is storing messages in the mailbox in Exchange the subscriber is pointing to (i.e. we do not use a seperate store or "sync" messages with an external store or the like). If messages are going in and available over the phone (i.e. your MWI goes on) then the most likely scenario is you have multiple mailboxes for these users and Outlook is pointing at a different mailbox. There's nothing special about Unity messages that would cause them not to show up at the desktop.

I'm just guessing, though, as there's not a lot of detail to work with here.

Re: Unity UM

Hi -

Check the location of the CommServer\UnityMTA\Failed directory (default is C but you may have moved it during the install) to see if the voice messages are in there. You might have a problem with the Unity_servername mailbox and external callers sending voice messages to your users. If you find a lot of messages in the FAILED folder I mentioned, move the messages up to the UnityMTA folder and then stop/restart your AvUMRSyncSvr service. I'm spelling it from memory :-) The voice messages should be moved to your Exchange stores if everything else is working and Exchange is operational.


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