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Unity upgrade

Can Unity be upgrade from 4.0(5) to 4.2 or do I need to upgrade from 4.0(5) to 4.1 then to 4.2?


Re: Unity upgrade

Re: Unity upgrade

Hi -

I just completed the 4.0(5) upgrade to 4.2(1) this past weekend. I did not have custom keymapping, so this was not an issue. I did experience the following problems - includes how we corrected:

1. TOMCAT service was not installed on the first of three servers. So the Unity Assistant (ciscopca) was getting http 404 directory not found errors. I contacted TAC, great as always, and we attempted to restore PCA. Unfortunately, the cscript for cscoserv would not run, since it was trying to find the TOMCAT service and failed. We reran the entire upgrade and this time the TOMCAT service was installed (its a combination of jar files that do the service install, not a dll that can be registered). This only occurred on 1 server, the other 2 upgraded without incident.

2. Unity SA would not run - IE indicated two DLLs possibly missing or unregistered. Checked DCOM and found errors - no local activation rights. I updated the following DCOM rights in Component Services - AvCsGateway, AvDsGlobalCatalog, and AvLic. I gave Everyone Local Launch and Local Activation. This corrected the problem.

3. Just discovered this morning - unable to run Reports from SA. IE says "Report could not be queued". Checked logs and found another DCOM error - GUID in registry pointed to AvRepDir. I updated the following DCOM right in Component Services - AvRepDirSvcSvc. I gave Everyone Local Launch and Local Activation. This corrected the problem. NOTE: I'm not advocating making these changes for all installations. This is just a heads up of what I experienced in my upgrade. If you have any concerns about these permissions, I would definitely converse with TAC. Lastly, if you aren't already at SQL or MSDE 2000 SP4, the CUSPA for 4.2 upgrades SQL to SP4. This SP touches all databases, including the Microsoft ones. I stopped Unity and SQL first, then made a copy of the Data directory to a spare disk drive.



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