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New Member

unity upgrading plan, version of vmo and csa (managed\headless) supported

I am planning to upgrade unity ver 4.0.5 to unity ver 7.x (I am planning on going to the latest version of unity, as of today I believe the latest version is 7.0(2), correct me if I am wrong). Also I am planning on upgrading the UCCX to the latest version (7.x line)

Currently, we are using VMO version 4 and 5 for the unity 4.0.5, and the CSA that is installed on the unity 4.0.5 is managed CSA.

My questions are:

  1. Client is currently using VMO v. 4 and 5.  Are these versions compatible with Unity ver.7.x (latest version please)??
  2. Which versions of MS SQL server are running on UCCX 7.x and Unity 7.x (latest version of uccx and unity)
  3. Is managed CSA (as opposed to headless CSA) supported on UCCX 7.x, UCM 7.x, and Unity 7.x (latest version of 7.x please)??
  4. What version of CSA (managed and/or headless) is supported on UCCX 7.x, UCM 7.x, and Unity 7.x (latest version of 7.x please)???

I would ask you to use the latest version of each product within the 7.x line in your research.  That includes the latest service release.

Thank you in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: unity upgrading plan, version of vmo and csa (managed\headle

1.       User workstation Compatibility matrix here has the latest supported versions:

2.       Microsoft SQL 2000 or Microsoft MSDE

3.       I couldn’t find a specific reference to “managed CSA is supported for install on Unity server”

4.       The Unity 7.0.2 release notes have details about what’s supported; this is the reference to CSA:

In general, when you go to the software download page, besides the software itself, Release Notes are provided which have details about what that particular software is supported with.

There is no Unity 7.0(2) service release, but there are a few Engineering Specials.  These are updated on a regular basis and may be found in the software download page where Unity 7.0(2) is found.  I’d suggest you select the most recent ES and read through the Release Notes to determine if you want to install the ES.

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