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Unity - User import failed

I m trying to import a few hundred users. 3 users fail to import. This is the erros i m getting.

An unrecognized error0x80070005 has occured. E_ACCESSDENIED. The new subscriber was not successfully added.

I am importing existing users who already have a mailbox / username setup in Exchange/AD.


Re: Unity - User import failed

Hi -

Check the users OU or the accounts specifically to see if inheritance is blocked (or unchecked on the accounts). When the user is imported, unitydirsvc account needs permissions to update the CiscoECSBU attributes in the User record. This is typically the error we see. Or the permissions wizard has not been run for the specific domain the users reside in.


Re: Unity - User import failed

The three users are in the same OU as other users. I will double check if dirsvc has proper permissions to update the record.

Re: Unity - User import failed

The account that is being imported does not have the right permissions

or enough permissions. Use the following procedure to fix this.

1. Run the Permissions Wizard on the OU (Organization Unit or folder)

that you will import users from. The Permissions Wizard is in the

Tools Depot.

2. The user account in Active Directory has to have inherited permissions

from the OU:

a) Go to Active Directory Users and Computers.

b) Select View > Advanced Features in order to see the Security tab in

the account properties.

c) Go to the OU and double-click on the user account to bring up the

Properties page.

d) Click the Security tab.

e) Make sure that the Allow inheritable permissions from parent to propagate

to this object checkbox is checked.

Re: Unity - User import failed

Ran DAD to see what kind of access Unity has for these two users and there was read access but no write access. Fixed that and every thing looks good for now.

Thanks for you all's help!

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