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Unity VM Only and Text Pager/email notification


Have a client with VM only setup w/unity 4.0(2) where text pager/email address msg notification has been working for awhile apparently and it stopped a few days ago.

On the unity server, I'm not seeing anyplace setup to send email to their mail server.

I found some other forum posts talking about the SMTP protocol settings under exchange system manager, but not sure where to configure there mail server at or how this was working before. I see a SMTP Virtual server under the protocol tree but nothing referencing another server under there anywhere I can find.

There are no SMTP connectors configured either.

I am seeing notification emails queued up under the queued tree under the SMTP virtual server in exchange system manager for domain they have emails going to.

Puzzled and confused on how this could have worked and now doesn't.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity VM Only and Text Pager/email notification

Two possibilities if it worked before.

1) Firewall is blocking outbound port-25

2) the Dns server on the unity server is not able to resolve the MX record for the recipients' mailbox.

Re: Unity VM Only and Text Pager/email notification

Does exchange/unity broadcast the messages to any server or look for a MX record for current domain somehow, if there isn't a SMTP connector configured?

Puzzled how it was finding it before.... thanks

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity VM Only and Text Pager/email notification

Exchange 2000 has smtp enabled by default. In exchange 5.5 you have to configure the exchange connector.

When I want to send an email to, my email server contacts the dns server responsible for domain to find the list of mail server by their MX record (and value assigned to each MX record to determine which one my server should contact first).

Re: Unity VM Only and Text Pager/email notification

HM, Thanks. Turns out the client had removed the mail server entry from their DNS server for some reason or another last week. They put it back and things working again. They had some other DNS-related issues they were working on.

They were asking if theres a way to configure unity VM only/exchange to just fwd messages to their mail server without relying on DNS.

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