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Unity, VM to UM migration

Couple questions to migrate VM to UM.

-current env=all in-box(Unity,AD,Exchange), RAID1.

Q1) which way is better? scratch install the Unity box or uninstall the Unity application and re-join to domain as member.

Q2) In the case scratch install, I'll install with single HDD with take out the 2nd one to use in case. How can I setup RAID1 later with 2nd one?

Q3) DOC says the requirement is matching the alias name between DiRT backup and new Exchange server. Is the voice mail from VM automatically merging into the new exchange user's inbox?

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Re: Unity, VM to UM migration

Install the box, same version Unity you are using now.

Join to new domain

attach to new mail server

DiRT backup old server

Dirt Restore to new server. If you use this route, it will create new accounts, import their settings, back in, etc.

There is a tool for mapping old alias to new alias if you have already created new accounts or have existing on the new system. You read more about this at unitytools.

I wouldnt worry about using the drives as a "tool" to migrate. I would use it more for a backup process.

Search the forums here, a couple of us have written and posted the links for Unity migrations.

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