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Unity VM Upgrade 2.x to 4.05

I am hoping for some information on the Data export/import when upgrading from Unity 2.4(6) to Unity 4.0(5).

I don't know what the process is on importing data into 4.0(5)

I am upgrading to a new box with Exchange 2000, VM only-not UM

Here is what I understand so far.

Ciscounitytools 4.x page Full Database Export/Import does not support import to 4.0(5)

I must do a "two hop" method"

Dirt references a two hop method but dirt is only for backup and restore to the same version.

The backup process has not changed much(if any) in several versions but the import is very version specific.

I know that I can Exmerge to get the Messages and create accounts, but that won't get the Unity Material.

My question is What is the two hop method and how would it work with 4.0(5)

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Re: Unity VM Upgrade 2.x to 4.05

DiRt is not an option for you - that's for migration and backup/restore of the same version of Unity 3.x and 4.x (i.e. if you're moving boxes, changing from VM to UM, moving domains etc...).

FullDBImportExport is what you want. You can get the latest on its home page here:

You will do an export of your 2.4(6) system and then you will need to install a 4.0(4) or a 4.0(3) version of Unity - do the restore, make sure everything is working properly and then upgrade to 4.0(5). That's the only path available to you if you don't want to rebuild your system from scratch.

As a side note, we stopped supporting 2.x quite a while ago so TAC is not going to take calls on this - but the above process does work and has been used on many,many sites. Two things that are critical and are very offten the cause of problems.

1. Your 4.0(3) or 4.0(4) install of Unity must be running properly prior to the import. This means you can create new users, import users from the directory, call in, leave a message and their lamp lights. If all those things are working, you can pull the trigger on the restore. Many folks somehow assume the restore will "smooth over any wrinkles" in their local install for them - the opposite is true. If the system is not working prior to restore, it will be a train wreck after.

2. Make sure you run dbWalker on your 2.x system prior to doing a backup and fix as many of the big issues as you can (usually missing links from deleted objects in the directory). Those errors will simply be carted over to the new box with the restore so you want to keep those to a minumum.

Good luck.

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