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Unity Voice Response system?

Is there a Cisco product that enables Unity to have voice interaction?

Such as when a Unity Subscriber calls in to check messages, they would say "Play" or "Delete" or "Forward to Brett"

So let me clarify: is this the product that would handle this?

Cisco Personal Assistant Speech Recognition Server?

I have used systems from Mitel that have the ability to use the Directory and just speak the name and it dials that person. Great for outside callers needing access to the corporate directory.

My pain is that people forwarding messages in Unity cant stand spelling by last name, first name, extension etc. They find this to cumbersome. I agree to a point, but then again, i I don't use the system as they do.

This is Unity 4.2.1 VMO.



Re: Unity Voice Response system?

Personal Assistant does enable the user to say "Read Messages", etc., but does not give external callers the capability of speaking to dial by name. Also, Personal Assistant is EOS/EOL.

It is my understanding that the initial release of Unity 5.x will have the user capabilities that you describe and that the external caller features are on the roadmap for a future release of 5.x.

Another option for the external caller features is to use Nuance ASR software integrated with IPCC Express. This is especially attractive if you run IPCC Express for other applications already.

Hope this helps.


Re: Unity Voice Response system?

I have IPCC Express running, but I am unfamiliar with Nuance ASR software.

So basically, I would need to have Personal Assistant (which is dead now from what you said)for Unity to for voice prompts and then us Nuance ASR software for my Corporate Directory for outside callers.

I'll have to check with the Unity 5.x people and see if this coming soon.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Voice Response system?

Couple things here.

First, Unity Connection 1.2 has a fully featured voice driven conversation.

Also, Unity 5.0(1) (releasing early next year) will have a VUI option for subscriber conversations as well - it's not as robust as Connection's implementation but it'll do what you want here (i.e. allowing you to navigate your inbox with voice commands).

Re: Unity Voice Response system?

Thanks Jeff. Will Unity Connection 1.2 work with my Unity 4.2.1? I havent pulled up the docs quite yet.. but figure I would ask anyways.


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