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Unity Voicemail - Deleting accounts


We have Callmanager and Unity Voicemail

Our Active directory syncs with callmanager

In our organaistion when people the leave working in the building they are not always removed from active directory as they still need to be able to login to our servers

this creates a problem in that I reasign their extension to a new person but I cannot delete the old voicemail account, so the new person cannot get voicemail as the ext number is already allocated to the person who has moved on

I have delevoped a "work around" whereby I create a "test" ext and give it to the person who has left. By doing that I can give the new person voicemail but Unity it getting clogged up with unused voicemail accounts.

Is there any other way I can delete voicemail accounts

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Re: Unity Voicemail - Deleting accounts

Is this Unity or Unity Connection?

If Unity as you suggested, I am confused why you cannot delete the subscriber from within System Administration? This doesn't delete the active directory account or exchange mailbox, just Unity's database records.

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Re: Unity Voicemail - Deleting accounts

it is

Cisco Unity Connection


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Re: Unity Voicemail - Deleting accounts


Are these accounts imported from AD or Call manager into Unity Connection ?

If not, do you receive any error while trying to delete them ?

If they are LDAP integrated,please refer to following doc for UC behavior.

User Moves, Adds, and Changes Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 7.x

Modifying or Deleting Individual User Accounts

Deleting Individual User Accounts



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