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UNITY - WIN2K & ES2K Out of Licenses?

UNITY (VM) 4.0(2) Install, on Cisco purchased 7845 platform (Unity platform configuration discs used, standard VM install) Platform subsequently upgraded to 4.0(3) System is still in testing prior to live deployment.

Seeing 'out of licenses' messages in the event log for both WIN2K and ES2K - Event msg for WIN2K below (similar msg also for ES2K)


Event Type: Error

Event Source: LicenseService

Event Category: None

Event ID: 202

Date: 30/10/2003

Time: 12:04:46 PM

User: N/A

Computer: TAM-UNI-01


The product Windows Server is out of licenses. Use License Manager from the Administrative Tools folder for more information on which users are out of compliance and how many licenses should be purchased.


Checking licensing through the control panel WIN2K and ES2K is definitely set to 'per seat' licensing.

If Unity really is using 'per seat' licensing why should we see these 'out of licenses' event log errors?

Checking licensing through the WIN License Manager, it reports:


Per Seat Purchased 0

Per Seat Allocated 3

Per Server Purchased 0

Per Server Allocated 35


Per Seat Purchased 0

Per Seat Allocated 5

Per Server Purchased 0

Per Server Allocated -14


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Re: UNITY - WIN2K & ES2K Out of Licenses?

The licensing service from MS is know to be a bit funky - if you have it setup for per seat you should be fine but I've seen it get into a weird state like this. Most admins I know that run into this just shut the licensing service down and disable it and keep track of licenses manually - you are fine here for a voice mail only server so you're not in danger of being out of compliance.

Re: UNITY - WIN2K & ES2K Out of Licenses?

I also have a client with same licensing errors on a 4.03 SR1 system. The server stops functioning around 2 weeks and needs to rebooted. I just became aware of this so haven't seen it during an actual issue yet so am not sure if it is randomly stopping due to the license issues.

Regarding licenseing, should there be per seat licenses purchased with a Voicemail only system - is 0 for Windows Server and Exchange 2000 ok?

Can I just disable licensing service or is there something else causing the server from functioning?

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Re: UNITY - WIN2K & ES2K Out of Licenses?

Just some feedback from our experience - I ended up disabling the lic server to get rid of the error msgs (though we never saw the box stop due to the lic error but then we were only in a test environment when we came across the problem). The box has now been running in production for about six months without problems.

For VM only systems the ES2K and W2K lic are effectively per box and wrapped up in the Unity software cost - it just seems wierd seeing a '0' licence count reported. The only way you'll be in breach of the ES2K lic is if you try and use it for general email, rather than the licenced VM only use.

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