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unity7 change notes password tool

Is there a version of this tool that supports notes8 ? If not, is there a manual procedure to change notes password? Unity is version 7.0.2.

Thanks in advance


Re: unity7 change notes password tool


The Change Notes Password tool does not work with Unity 7.0.2. It was an oversight that we didn't remove it or update it to work with Unity 7.0.2. I'll enter a defect and add the following workaround.

1. Logon to the Unity server using the account that you used to install Unity. Open the Notes client on the Unity server and change the password (File > Security > User Security).

2. In Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, remove the Message Store Configuration Wizard (MSCW). This deletes the old user name, password, and the Domino server name used by Unity.

3. Rerun MSCW(\CommServer\ConfigurationSetup\Setup.exe). You'll get prompted to verify the Domino server and re-enter the Notes password. MSCW will stop and restart the Unity services.

I just tested this, and it worked for me.

If you have installed any Engineering Specials, make sure that you have also installed "other patch 103", otherwise, MSCW will fail to complete (yes, I ran into this). Other patch 103 adds a file called "TestWritableDomainController.xml" to the folder "\CommServer\SysCheck\ENU\Domain". Although that file is only really needed on Unity/Exchange systems, MSCW won't run to completion without it.


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Re: unity7 change notes password tool

Hi Nancy - I have tried to run the procedure, but have run into a few problems. Initially, I had problems getting past add/remove programs due to AD restrictions from the customer, but now when I try to remove MSCW from add/remove programs, I get the following message "could not find the installed mailstore type in registry"

The option to remove MSCW then disappears, but after a reboot re-appears in the add/remove programs.

I have tried this a number of times, but the same result each time.



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