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Unityconnection 8.6 Upgrade

Hi ,

We have planned to do the unityconnection 8.6 upgarde from 7.1 & came to know that we have to install some COP file in CUC before the upgrade.

This COP file should be uploaded on the day of upgrade or we can upload in advance also ?

Please share the best practicies & suggestion on the 8.6 upgrade. [ This in MCS]

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Unityconnection 8.6 Upgrade

Hi there,

This is the .cop file

Release Date: 14/OCT/2011
COP file for refresh upgrade paths to 8.6(1). In addition this COP file permits the upgrade to recognize the unrestricted upgrade media or file. This is for UCM, Unity Connection, CUCMBE5k (and IME).
Size: 82436.80 KB (84415280 bytes)

Here are the install notes;

Installation Instructions

File Name: ciscocm.refresh_upgrade_v1.1.cop.sgn

MD5 Sum: b295f4e56c9fb93856b71b05b7a65456

*** The patch installation should be done off hours during a maintenance window because there is a slight risk that installation during normal business hours could temporarily impact system performance.  The patch installation should occur when there is no other CLI or GUI activity on the system since the patch will terminate all CLI and GUI sessions and restart the Tomcat service. ***

  1. Install this file on all nodes in the cluster from the "Install/Upgrade"      option under "Cisco Unified Communications Operating System      Administration."
  2. Once patch is successfully installed, allow the system      a few minutes for the Tomcat service to completely restart before proceeding      with the Refresh Upgrade and for the CLI command “show version active” to      display the results correctly.

*** Some ES and SU versions have all the changes delivered by this patch.  If that’s the case, the patch install will fail with an indication that the current version already contains the necessary changes to support a successful Refresh Upgrade to 8.6(x). ***

*** No reboot, restart of the system or restart of any services is required after the patch has been installed.  The GUI or CLI will indicate that a system reboot is required.  For this patch file only, that message can be disregarded. ***

*** If upgrading from a 6.1(4) or 6.1(5) or 7.1(3) version to an 8.6(x) UNRESTRICTED version, only this patch is required.  It is NOT necessary to also install the ciscocm.allow_upgrades_to_unrestricted.cop.sgn patch.***

*** Once this patch is installed, the email notification feature presented on the GUI and CLI will only be fully functional if upgrading to 8.6(x) release.  It will not be fully functional if installing another COP file or upgrading (L2) to an 8.5(x) or earlier release.  ***

You will want to read through the great tips from Saurabh here;

And read the attachments from Ryan



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Unityconnection 8.6 Upgrade

You can install it any time before the application upgrade, as the cop files essentailly makes the system ready for Red Hat Enterprise kernel upgrade. COP files take short time to install.



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