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Untiy connection Message Actions - Options on user template

Hi - We are running in to an issue with message actions on user template level. I am running Connection version 9.1.2.


We are using email address as Unity Connection Alias and I like the user template option to be left with %alias%. But Unity Connection expecting an input in this format It would not let me save without @domain...So when I provision a user using this template I will end up with an email like

Any ideas to overcome this issue while I could still use templates to provision users?

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In your case, the best way to

In your case, the best way to do this would be to use the BAT option.

- Export all users with mailbox

- Edit the csv file > copy the content of alias to the relay address field > Change the relay action value for voicemail to 3 (i believe it is 3 for accept and relay - you can change it for one user, do the export and confirm)

- Use the update users with mailbox option

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Thanks for the response. BAT

Thanks for the response. BAT option will work as one time fix. But accounts created going forward will have the issue. 




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Unfortunately this is the

Unfortunately this is the only option available. May I ask why you create the the alias as an email address? How does it help?

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It's LDAP limitation. Only

It's LDAP limitation. Only unique filed on LDAP is the email ID. 

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sAMAccountName: The sAMAccountName must be unique among all security principal objects within the domain.

In the LDAP Setup, you can use sAMAccountName for 'LDAP Attribute for User ID' field.


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