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Upgrade 4.04sr1 to 4.11!!! is it worth??


Unified Messaging 4.04SR1 intergreate with exchange 2000 server.

Everything is fine now.. But we are thinking to upgrade 4.11 or 4.05? Is that worth. Any good feature from 4.05 or 4.11??

Basically, we are going to replace the old server (P III 1.2G) with a new server (more powerful, coz our subsrciber is going to over 1000). But 4.04sr1 has TWO ES on it. I want to upgrade to either 4.05 or 4.11 on the existing server.

Hopefully, it will make it easier to do server replacement, so i dont need to worry about ES patch.



Re: Upgrade 4.04sr1 to 4.11!!! is it worth??

Hi -

Here is a link to the 4.1 release notes -

There have been a number of new/changed features that I think would interest you. I always read the release notes and evaluate what new features are going to enhance the service to our customers, for example new conversation options. Regardless of value to your customer base, there is always value in keeping current with an application, especially for compatibility reasons later down the road, i.e. with CallManager. Check out the engineering specials that have been released for 4.1 -

This will help you plan, in advance, for a smooth upgrade. Also, if you are running Windows 2000 on the current server and want to go to Windows 2003 on the new one, no voice cards, then this would be a good time to make that transition. Upgrade your current server and create DiRT backup. Load Windows 2003 and new copy of Unity, same version, on the new server. DiRT restore to the new server. Both 4.0(5) and 4.1 have engineering specials that may or may not need to be applied for your particular deployment, that's why I recommend you research these in advance.

Regards, Ginger


Re: Upgrade 4.04sr1 to 4.11!!! is it worth??

Good Point to upgrade to windows 2003.... But unified is running on windows 2000 server now.

DiRT only restore back to same verison of windows?



Re: Upgrade 4.04sr1 to 4.11!!! is it worth??

Hi Ken -

DiRT only backs up and restores Unity specific information and requires the same Unity version. When we replaced one of our Unity servers with a new one, we installed Windows 2003 and a demo copy of Unity running the current version as our production box. We DiRT backed up the current system and then disconnected it from the network. We then DiRT restored to the new Win2K3 server. Cisco's document covers this really well -

Best wishes, Ginger

Re: Upgrade 4.04sr1 to 4.11!!! is it worth??

The upgrade is well worth it. It's much more stable than the 4.0.5. Also.. the biggy for me.... the TUI is much faster.. Unity responds they way it always should have when you start pressing the TUI interface.

For instance.. in 4.0.5... when you called into a CallHandler.. and some smarty pants thought they could just key in "4" dial by ext, then their 4 digit extensio right away.. (not waiting for the next CallHandler...) They couldnt... Unity had to wait for the next Callhandler... Now it works like a champ... no waiting.. if people know the menus.. they can key ahead at anytime with out Unity delays.


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