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Upgrade 8.6.2 to 10.x

Question: I have to Upgrade the following please need your attention and help for the same

CUCM       to            CUCM 10.x

CUP         to           IM&P 10.x

UNCN      to           UNCN 10.x

The above Server is in already Virtualized environment

What I understand is that, I have to do RU (Refresh Upgrade) and no cop file required.

As I don't know whether initial deployment was done using Cisco 8.6 ova or not? So can I use PCD? If so how, please do let me know in detail,

I have all the necessary Cisco EWS and UCSS Contract. Please help

Cisco Employee

PCD upgrade is the exact same

PCD upgrade is the exact same process as you would do manually, only difference, is you can schedule it, and you still need to do all the manual adjustment of OS version, vNIC, etc. But you need to deploy the PCD machine, and upload the ISOs for that. If anything, you could use the migration for CUCM to avoid doing all the manual changes, you need to review the PCD documentation as all the procedures are covered there, it's as simple as searching "prime collaboration deployment" on

The first thing you need to do, is read the release notes, the upgrade guides, and the new and changed docs for all 3 apps to see exactly what you need to change for each, and then, do the actual upgrade.

All the information is available on, or in many previous threads that have asked the same.

Once you have read all the necessary documentation, you can come back with specific questions.



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