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Upgrade to Unity 4.0(5) breaks direct transfer to subscriber mailbox


I am currently upgrading all my Unity servers from 4.0(2) and 4.0(3) to 4.0(5). I have configured my CallManager 4.1(3) systems to do a direct transfer to a subscriber's greeting using the following document:

This allows a receptionist to push Transfer, *xxxx (extension number), Transfer, which transfers directly to the subscriber's greeting. As you can see, the document is written for CallManager 3.2.2 spD, but works fine with CallManger 4.1x and the two older Unity versions above. However, when an upgrade is done on the Unity server to 4.0(5), instead of the call going directly to the subscriber's greeting, it plays the default opening greeting (e.g."Hello, Cisco Unity Messaging System, etc...). I have compared configurations on the working systems I currently have (the older versions) to the couple of systems I have upgraded and can find no differences. There is another document that describes how to do the direct transfer ( ), but these options are quite a bit different and lengthy.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Upgrade to Unity 4.0(5) breaks direct transfer to subscriber

What do you see on Unity Call Viewer when you make this call?

Is the subscriber defined properly on Unity?

Did you apply proper Mask on the VM profile, and did you add the profile to thie CTI RP?


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Re: Upgrade to Unity 4.0(5) breaks direct transfer to subscriber

Thanks for the quick response, Chris.

Attached find the Call Viewer logs. As you can see, the upgraded server shows the call type as 'Direct' whereas the functioning server shows the call type as 'Fwd (unconditional), which would use different call routing rules. This stands to reason as I have configured a subscriber for a test phone and tried the call on the faulty system again and received the prompt for my password, which would be the Attempt Sign-In rule in the Direct Calls routing table. This makes it look like the integration is the issue since that is what provides the information about the call, but besides the different Unity versions, the parameters are basically the same in the integration (except the TSP versions, which is 7.0(3) vs. 8.0(1b).

The subscriber configuration was not changed at any time during the upgrade process, unless the upgrade itself changed something.

The mask is the correct length (XXXX) on the VM profile and is properly assigned to the CTI RP.

Thanks again for your assistance.


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