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Upgrade to Unity 7.0

I am upgrading Unity to 7.0 from 4.2. However there is more to it then that. Because of a merge the customer is going to consolidate two exchange 2003 servers from different Domains into one 2007 server. Currently they have two unity server in each domain and they are merging into one. So we have a new server that we are going to install Unity 7.0 on that partners with the new exchange server. I am looking for some help on the best way to do this. What I am planning on doing is.

Do a dirt backup of one of the Unity servers.

Install 4.2 on the new server

Do a dirt restore on the new server.

Do a Cobras export of the other old Unity server

Do a Cobras import on the New unity.

Upgrade new server to 7.0

I will probably have a ton of questions once I start doing this, but right now does anyone know of any major gotcha's in this scenario?

The other option I was thinking of doing is Install a fresh Unity 7.0 and partner with the new exchange 2007 server. Then do a cobra export and import of both old unity servers.

I have not used the Cobras tool before so I am not sure how well that works.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade to Unity 7.0

If the 2003 exchange servers are in the same forest, you could install Unity 7.x digitally network the servers,and use GSM to move the users. Then use Cobras to move the data.

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