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Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

Hi to everyone,

We are going to upgrade the Unity to another version and server.

I am going to use cobras to export and import subscribers, mailboxes, etc ( what cobras let you get ).

But i have some doubts about it :

In version 4.0(5) with exchange integrated, we have some subscribers with 200MB mailbox, the client don´t want to shrink database until the upgrade, so after i export cobras, do I have to change some basics in the Unity Connection configuration to import all the mailboxes so I don´t loose any information.

I test in our lab the cobras and Is there any where in Unity Connection so the user after the upgrade  I can set up the first password?

Best regards,



Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

The answer to both your questions:

You need to tweak the mailbox quotas BEFORE you execute the COBRAS import.  Otherwise, COBRAS is just simply using SMTP to put messages into each user's mailbox and mailbox quotas, if configured, will be enforced.

A side note on this: a 200 MB mailbox is enormous, particularly for voice messages.  Regardless of my opinion though, this indicates that there may be A LOT of messages on the system.  This will increase your export and import times exponentially.  I recently migrated a system with 4000 users and over 50,000 messages from Unity 5 to Unity Connection 7.1 and the export/import process took between 8-9 hours (just a guide for you).

Personally, I wouldn't upgrade to Unity Connection 7.0 either.  There were issues with passwords not being migrated over in early versions of CUC.  However, if you migrate to 7.1(3) - I can assure you that user password/pin is migrated over.  You'll want to read COBRAS help for specifics.  In addition, 7.0 is a bit buggy.  Again, regardless of my opinion - you set the initial web and phone passwords for users in the Subscriber Template that you assign to users upon import.


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Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

Couple things to add here:

1. COBRAS Export for Unity does have an option to include messages newer than a selected number of days - for sites with enormous inbox sizes I highly recommend considering this - something like 60 days is reasonable - users that are clinging to messages more than 2 months old can have them left on their old system if they really need them.  Migrating that many messages is a very, very bad idea.

2. COBRAS will import the passwords of your users from your 4.0(5) backup just fine (yes, 7.1(3) is a better choice than a 7.0 version, however all the problems with passwords were related to Unity 7 exports because of changes made to the PIN format in that version that were not supported by Connection 7.0).

Finally - yes, you can override the password setting for users in COBRAS if you must - although restoring user's Passwords is much better you can override it on the 2nd to the last page of the COBRAS import wizard and force a password for all newly created users.

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Interesting post on password

Interesting post on password migrations.   We migrated from Windows Unity 7.x to Unity Connection 8.5 in 2011 without issue, including passwords.  We are now migrating to new infrastructure from CUC 9.12 to CUC 10.X using COBRAS tool.  The PIN format has been the same since inception, with users prompted to change at first time enrollment only.

I have read the COBRAS help file and warnings on password issues however Im not 100% clear if it will present an issue in latest migration scenario.  Despite the absence of security requirements to force password changes, the PIN has been the same on each system. 

Can someone clarify this?  Customer wants passwords migrated, however if this is going to be an issue (help desk volume) I want to ensure this topic is fully understood before agreeing to it.


Cisco Employee

If they port their PINs from

If they port their PINs from Unity, they are recognized as an older PIN hash format and allowed - they are tagged as "old style" so Connection knows to use a different hashing technique when checking PINs at login.

If those users imported _never_ change their password (an alarmingly bad idea) and you go to migrate them from Connection to another Connection you will have trouble - importing PINs from a Connection backup assumes newer style PIN hashes (required by the security folks) - it wont throw an error but the PINs wont be recognized.

If they've changed their PINs after being imported at any time then there wont be a problem.

If it were me I'd set all PINs to require change before moving if that's important - either that or don't bother and reset them all after import.

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Thanks for the quick reply. 

Thanks for the quick reply.  Very helpful feedback, much appreciated.

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Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

Hi Alberto,

Just wanted to ad my vote to Hailey's great tips (+5 points Hailey)

We have run Unity Connection for a little while now starting with the CUC 7.0

EFT and a limited Pilot deployment. Then moved to 7.1(1) EFT and on to 7.1(2).

These versions, 7.0, 7,1(1) and 7.1(2) all have some/many bugs that bit us as well

as some interesting "user" features like the "speed and volume" settings being

"sticky". I would HIGHLY recommend you go straight to 7.1(3) and 7.1(3b)su2 and skip

all the earlier versions if possible

You'll be glad you did (don't forget the added COBRAS capability that Hailey

nicely noted)



New Member

Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

Really really thank you,

At this moment is not possible to migrate to other version than 7.0(2)  ,

I will let you know ,

A have two more question about unity 4.0(5).

The client don´t want shrink database or delete messeges before the upgrade, I know is configured by default with no limit.

I have another two question:

If a user delete a messege from the ip phone --> is this messege delete from the unity exchange and if not where is the message?.

And if the messege is delete from the ip phone and is not delete from unity exchange can it be restore by the ip phone?.

I would appreciate some advise for this upgrade even know that the customer does not want delete messege from two months ago or limit message stores before the upgrade.

Thanks to all,


Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

By default, Unity and CUC are configured to automatically purge deleted messages.  The applicable setting is here:
Class of Service > Message Options > “Delete Messages Without Saving to Deleted Items Folder”
If this box is checked, message is deleted/purged.  If this box is unchecked, then the user will hear a slight change in conversation.  After listening to messages, they will be given the option to listen to old messages and they can enter the Deleted Items folder and retrieve a message.
I'd be willing to bet that your system is configured as default where the box is checked and messages are deleted when user's press delete via the phone. In my experience, this leads to users eventually stop deleting messages and over time end up with huge mailboxes largely filled with messages they likely do not need access to.
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New Member

Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

Thanks again David,

I test in my lab the cobras import and everything is fine but the password:

I restore all the messages from one subscriber but:

- subscriber has for example this password in unity 4 -> 024680

- in unity 7 the voicemailusertemplate password -> 157359

An now when i try to log in with the ip phone Unity tells me that the password is not correct and I have to go to the subscriber and reset the password,

It may be a problem because I have 2900 subscribers, is there any way to reset all of them without going subscriber by subscriber.

Best regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

The subscriber template password doesn't come into play here if you're using recent versions of COBRAS export and import here (which I assume you are). - the Password from 4.0(5) will be restored - QA has tested this hundreds of times and I've worked with dozens of sites coming from 4.x so I know beyond any shadow of a doubt this works.

Make sure you check the log output to be sure you're not being hit by a PW policy violation issue or the like (warnings and errors would be issued) - if you cannot log into the system with the PW from 4.0(5) and you're _sure_ you got that PW right then ping me off line and send me your backup.

I just did a test restore onto my 7.0(3) system from a 4.0(5) backup and the PW was restored fine - I'm reasonably sure something else is at play here.

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Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt

Dear lindborg,

I am going to test again but I know that I tested this one month ago and it worked but in the case that does not work, Is there any way in Unity Connection 7 to restore all password aff all subscribers', I mean all of them have the same for example 102938

Best regards,


Re: Upgrade Unity 4.0(5) to Unity Connection 7.0(2) Doubt


Jeff clarified (corrected, really) one of my statements in my original post regarding password preservation issues with COBRAS import to 7.0 versions of CUC.  The actual issue (noted in the help file is as follows):

If you are restoring from a Unity 7.0, Connection 1.2 or Connection 7.0 backup into a Connection version earlier than 7.1(3), phone passwords will NOT be preserved from the backup.  The password from the subscriber template selected for new user creation will be used when new users are created and existing phone passwords for users will remain in place as is when overwriting existing user data.  If you’re restoring to Connection 7.1(3) or later PINs are preserved

In your case, you are restoring from Unity 4.0(5) so this "caveat" above does not apply to you.  So, the password you set in the Subscriber Template is only used for new users not users that you import via COBRAS.  The user's password is retained from Unity 4.0(5) when you import into Unity Connection 7.x.  In fact, I've done this migration myself without issues and tested it multiple times in a lab environment.  So, let me ask you to clarify the issue you are seeing.  You noted the Subscriber's original PIN as well as the PIN configured in the Unity Connection subscriber template.  When you are attempting to access Unity Connection, are you using the Subscriber's original PIN from Unity 4 and it is failing OR are you trying to use the PIN configured in the Subscriber Template of Unity Connection 7x and that is failing?  The latter of the two would be expected behavior.  As Jeff said, if the user's PIN from Unity 4x is not working then that would indicate some other type of issue.

However, if worse comes to worse and you do need to reset all user's PIN (voicemail password), then you can use the Bulk Edit Utility within Unity Connection after the import to do this.

From the left menu pane, select Tools > Bulk Edit Utility.

Select Users with Voicemail.

The default search query is set to "Select Users - All Users with Voice Mail".  If this what you want to do, click Find.

Check the top most check box next to "Alias" to select all users on the system and then click Next.

Click the Accounts and Passwords tab.

I would recommend checking the box for "User Must Change Password at Next Login" and set the value to Yes.

Check the box for "Password" and enter the voicemail password you want users to initially have (i.e., PIN).

You may also need/want to reset the Web Application password.  To do, click the Web Application Settings tab.

Complete the same steps as above to for the user to change password at next login and then enter the default web password.

When you are done making selections, click Next then Finish.

Just remember that if you specify all users in your query then the password(s) and change credentials flag will be changed for every user on the system so make sure you apply the correct settings.


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