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Upgrading from Unity Express to Unity

I have a customer that wants to upgrade from CUE to Unity. However, they also want to move their existing voicemail from the CUE to unity. I don't know how to do this, anyone else knows if this is possible? If so, how can I migrate the voicemails from CUE to Unity?


Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from Unity Express to Unity

There is no tool to extract/import voice mail messages from CUE into Unity or Unity Connection - you can get messages from Unity into Connection, but not from CUE I'm afraid.


Re: Upgrading from Unity Express to Unity

Is there any tools I can use to extract existing voice mails(which I assume is .wav files) from CUE?

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from Unity Express to Unity

There are no such tools currently. I would recommend having an overlap period where both systems are online. At the time of cutover, change the pilot numbers so that all new messages (and the Messages button) point to the new system. In CUE, disable the msgnotification application. This will prevent all MWI from begin sent from CUE. Then do a full MWI refresh from Unity. This is important because then Unity will be the ONLY thing controlling MWI.

Send out an email to all migrated users making them aware of the change, telling them how to access unity and go through the enrollment process. Then have them call into Unity Express (which will now be a different number) and have them listen to their messages.

Note: If you don't disable the msgnotificaiton app, CUE sends out MWI on/off every time you check messages, so you'll have situations where there are MWI is on but the Unity mailbox is empty, or you could have MWI off but messages in one or the other places. It just gets confusing. The best thing is to just tell users to check messages on the CUE side regardless of the status of the MWI light and then have MWI disabled from CUE.

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