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Upgrading to AD 2003 on Unity MCS-7825H-2.2-ECS1


MCS-7825H-2.2-ECS1 so used platform CD Rev 13 which apparently will not install drivers that 2003 recognizes so had to install 2000 but per doc:

I have not installed Unity yet as I planned to just upgrade to 2003 but above link seems to imply I should do a fresh install of 2003 instead of upgrade.

Can I upgrade from 2000 to 2003 and then install Unity?

Also 2nd nic is not showing up and I want to enable dual nic for teaming. Any ideas?


Re: Upgrading to AD 2003 on Unity MCS-7825H-2.2-ECS1

I have run Unity before with upgrades from 2000 to 2003. You can install the HP drivers from the NIC management utility disc if drivers are not installed properly. Or just go to Windows update and see if there is an updated driver for you nics.

Re: Upgrading to AD 2003 on Unity MCS-7825H-2.2-ECS1

I had an existing Unity AD 2k domain running. Added a new site that was large enough for it's own Unity server. That server, we installed a new Windows 2003 memeber for the site and attached it the existing domain. We then ran DCPROMO on the 2003 DC to upgrade the AD 2000 to 2003. The AD domain was effectly a 2003 AD Domain with a mix of Unity 2000 and 2003 servers running perfectly fine.

It's basic MS server technology. Just follow MS best practice and you should be fine. Drivers are available from the Cisco website after you login if you have trouble with NICs, Video, etc.

You dont have to use the OS that it supplied on the disc. If you want, you can install 2003 just as you were to any other windows server, then install Unity with the supplied DVDs. Works fine.

If you can not upgrade the OS in place, it would be better to do a reload. I have always had odd problems after inplace upgrades and try to stay away from it if possible, but as we all know, sometimes you have to do it.

good luck!

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