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New Member

Upgrading Unity 4.0(3) to 4.0(5) & New Exchange 2003sp2

Hi Guys,

Has anyone upgrades from Unity 4.0(3)to 4.0(5) and assign a new exchange partner server Exchange 2003 SP2? Does it work fine?

I am quite uneasy to perform an upgrade as PAST BAD Experiences, so is there a way I can uninstall the current unity and do a fresh installation of 4.0(5) while maintaining my user data & subscribers. As far as I know DiRt will not be able to do it.

Please help.



Re: Upgrading Unity 4.0(3) to 4.0(5) & New Exchange 2003sp2

Hi Rushan -

Without knowing your current environment, I would upgrade your 4.0(3) to 4.0(5) using the existing partner server. Then rerun the Message Store configuration wizard to partner to the new Exchange 2003 SP2 server. What is Unity partnered to today? If you are already partnered to Exchange 2003 SP1, there really isn't any change with SP2, the Unity server just needs MS05-021 and to run the SP2 for System Manager tools on the Unity server. This really is no big deal (I don't mean that lightly). I run DiRT as a backup plus use my Veritas backup and follow that up with breaking the mirror set before upgrading Unity. Maybe if you could share your past bad experiences, i.e. what happened in prior upgrades to cause you to feel uneasy with proceeding. I'm sure the forum experts here could advise further. I also have an indepth upgrade guide I created for Unity that I would be happy to send you. It uses much of Cisco's own documentation but is customized to alert me to specific areas of interest/concern. PM me at if you would like a copy. Also, I upgraded from 3.1(5) to 4.0(3) and there was significant change, FlexLM and Unity Assistant web changes for example. But other than new features and fixes, the upgrade once you're already at 4.X is very easy.

Regards, Ginger

New Member

Re: Upgrading Unity 4.0(3) to 4.0(5) & New Exchange 2003sp2

Hi Ginger,

Thank You very much for your reply. My current enviroment is Unity 4.0(3) & partner exchange 2000 sp3.

My previous BAD experience was, the message store did not Sync, which resulted in delay mesage delivary and so on.

I'll be PM'ing you later for the doc if its not too much of a trouble.

Thank You Very Much.


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