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Upgrading Unity Connections from 1.3 to 7.x

Hello -

I am in the planning phase of a Unity Connections upgrade. I would like to hear the support community regarding learned when performing this upgrade.  Thank you...


Re: Upgrading Unity Connections from 1.3 to 7.x

Typically, if you are going to do a phased migration, you would use Digital Networking.  Since you can not use Digital Networking with Untiy Connection (currently, but with 8 you can) you will most likely have to do this in one swing.

I would recommend the following:

Bring up Unity Connection 7.x

Create a new port group, hunt list etc for CUC in CUCM so you can use it for piloting.

Use Cobras and Export a few test users, call handlers, etc from CUC 1.3 and import to CUC 7.x.  (notice the note for 1.x to 7.x.)  ALso watch the videos, there good as well.

Throughly test CUC 7.x for the pilot users.   Test all Call Handlers.

If all goes well, schedule a mass Cobras import/export or "waves" of subscribers to move over.    Go into CUCM and bulk change the voicemail profiles and you should be set.

The other way to do this phase would be to use VPIM, but thats alot of work, if its required for the job, you will need it then.

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading Unity Connections from 1.3 to 7.x

Just to be clear, there was no CUC 1.3 release... I assume you mean 1.2?  If so then COBRAS as noted above will work fine - if instead you mean 1.1 or 2.x then you can't  - COBRAS only works with 1.2 releases or 7.x and later.

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