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Uploading license in CME

How the license for the phones is uploaded to CME?


Hi Fayiz, The phone licenses

Hi Fayiz,


The phone licenses should be honor based or paper licenses if u have existing CME router or purchased CME router which would come pre-loaded with permanent CME licenses.


you can just refer the lines which I have captured .


You must purchase a base Cisco Unified CME feature license and phone user licenses that entitle you to use Cisco Unified CME. In Cisco Unified CME Release 10, you should purchase:

Cisco Unified CME Permanent License

When you purchase a Cisco Unified CME permanent license, the permanent license is installed on the device when the product is shipped to you. A permanent license never expires and you will gain access to that particular feature set for the lifetime of the device across all IOS release. If you purchase a permanent license for Cisco Unified CME , you do not have to go through the Evaluation Right to Use and Right To Use (RTU) licensing processes for using the features. If you want to purchase a CME-SRST license for your existing device, you have to go through the RTU licensing process for using the features. There is no change in the existing process for purchasing the license.

The Cisco Unified CME permanent license is available in the form of an XML cme-locked3 file. You should get the XML file and load it in the flash memory of the device. To install the permanent license from the command prompt, use the license install flash0:cme-locked3 command. The cme-locked3 is the xml file of the license.




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