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Use Last CLID to transfer to Unity


In my current CUCM5.1.3.2106-1 and Unity 4.0b4.0(4)SR1 system I have the following situation:

DN-A and DN-B both have VM. DN-A has diverted their phone to DN-B. DN-B has diversion to VM.

Caller to DN-A gets transfered to DN-B which then transfers to VM. VM now takes message for DN-A, not DN-B. As DN-A is not going to check VM for significant period of time (hence CFD to DN-B) it is required that Caller goes to DN-B VM not DN-A VM.

You can extend this scenario through as many diversions as you like, but Unity always will act as if DN-A was diverted directly to VM.

Is there anyway to get CUCM to pass last DN to Unity rather than first DN? In otherwords, we need Unity to act on the last DN in the diversion chain, not the Original DN.


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Re: Use Last CLID to transfer to Unity

unfortunately Unity always uses the Original Called Number to determine the VM and that is Working As Designed (WAD), all you could try would be to create a call routing rule for forwarded calls that matches the information you're sending to unity on that scenario based on the number that dials to unity

the only other option i can think of is to create a translation pattern to hard code some information and also use a routing rule to send calls to that VM



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Re: Use Last CLID to transfer to Unity

Thanks for the response. I thought I was informed that CUCM5.x would give more options such that Last DN could be passed to Unity rather than Original DN.

I do not understand the logic of this process as it causes us more trouble than you would believe. Logically, the person has forwarded their calls to the next person because they cannot take the calls. It seems illogical to then leave a message on their VM when they have forwarded the calls because they cannot take it.

Also, not being able to define which DN to use means that there is no flexibility for people who want the system to work the way they need it to. It is impossible to create Alternate Extensions or Translation Patterns or whatever to satisfy all the possible combinations that these CFD could represent, eg: the user might CFD to one DN on some days and to others on another day depending on what the situation demands.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. One question, does CUCM pass all the DNs and Unity just uses the Original DN or does CUCM only pass the Original DN? Maybe there is someway to alter the DN as it transitions from CUCM to Unity (eg: via a third party product)?

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Re: Use Last CLID to transfer to Unity

Starting with Unity 5.0 there is a system-wide parameter to select whether Unity looks at the first or last redirecting number. See here:



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Re: Use Last CLID to transfer to Unity

Hi Jason,

As nicely noted by Jaime this cannot be changed until Unity 5.x;

Here are the Unity 5.0 release notes;

Route Forwarded Calls by the First or Last Redirecting Number

Cisco Unity supports the option of routing calls based on either the first or last redirecting number when a call is forwarded to Cisco Unity.

Note the following:

This option requires Cisco Unity-CM TSP 8.1(2) or later.

This option is not supported by integrations through PIMG units.

This option can be changed through the Advanced Settings Tool (AST), which is available in Tools Depot.

Call Information Exchanged by the Phone System and Cisco Unity

The phone system and Cisco Unity exchange call information to manage calls and to make the integration features possible. With each call, the following call information is typically passed between the phone system and Cisco Unity:

•The extension of the called party.

•The extension of the calling party (for internal calls) or the phone number of the calling party (if it is an external call and the phone system supports caller ID).

•The reason for the forward (the extension is busy, does not answer, or is set to forward all calls). There is also a reason code for Direct Calls.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager SCCP and SIP trunk integrations can also provide the following call information (the choice of first and last redirecting number is set in the Advanced Settings Tool, which is available in Tools Depot):

•Called number

•First redirecting number

•Last redirecting number


Note Cisco Unity can use either the first redirecting number or last redirecting number, depending on the setting in the Advanced Settings Tool, which is available in Tools Depot.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Use Last CLID to transfer to Unity


I thought I had heard that it was possible somewhere. I will see if it is possible for us to upgrade to Unity 5.0 and go from there.


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