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User can not listen to email over the TUI

This user is part of a subscriber template/COS which has TTS licensed and enabled. The user reports that they can retrieve vmail no problem from the TUI but when they attempt to have Unity read email to them, they get the error " This message cannot be read now". When I left the user a voicemail earlier, I noted the event log error outlined below. The user states that they got the voicemail no issue. I have re-run the PW on the mailstore and have verified the Send-As permissions on the users mailbox. Oddly enough, this is only happening to this one user, no others are experiencing this issue as well the user states that she has been working for weeks fine with TTS, and then it just stopped working. Anyone have any ideas before I go to TAC? I have seen the error reports based on Event ID 137 UMR_Thread Error but dont understand why this would only be impacting one user at this time.

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: CiscoUnity_UMR

Event Category: UMR Thread Error

Event ID: 156

Date: 12/12/2006

Time: 11:52:38 AM

User: N/A

Computer: USINDMU100


An attempt to send a message as another Unity subscriber failed. The message will be resent using the Unity Messaging System mailbox.

Subject: Message from 91613XXXXXXX

Original Sender: cn=fzzvoip5,cn=Recipients,ou=BSL,o=ORGM

Unity Messaging System mailbox: cn=Unity_USINDMU100,cn=Recipients,ou=ELANCO-NA,o=ORGM

The problem will occur if the Unity Message Store Service account does not have Send As rights to resend the message on behalf of the Active Directory user or contact who originally sent the message. Unity will attempt to send as another Unity subscriber when Identified Subscriber Messaging is configured and the message sender is a Unity subscriber on another server within the same dialing domain. Ensure that the Unity Message Store Service account has sufficient Send As permissions for the original message sender. Refer to the Permissions Wizard help for more information. 0x00002CDC

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Re: User can not listen to email over the TUI

Did some further testing and realized this was not an individual issue, more system wide. After restarting services, which did not address the issue, I failed over to secondary and restarted primary - everything is working well now. Any ideas as to what happened is always appreciated. Thanks.

Re: User can not listen to email over the TUI

Hello -

How many TTS ports are you licensed for on your Unity server? This message is "typically" heard when all available TTS ports are in use ... however, if you validate this is not the problem, we have seen a few odd errors pop up when a Unity-enabled user has Outlook open and the user's mailbox is moved to a new Exchange store. We have deinstalled/reinstalled the ViewMail for Outlook client and rebuilt the user's Outlook profile. These two combined actions usually resolves the problem. Also, in the error you listed, are you on a different Unity server than the user you sent the message to? If so, are these Unity servers in the same dialing domain? If you are on the same server, I do see you are in different OUs. Make sure inheritance is checked, Advanced Settings Security Tab for the user.


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Re: User can not listen to email over the TUI

Thanks Ginger for your response - always good information. I had checked all of those issues; security, inheritence, OUs, dialing domains,etc all checked out. There are 20 TTS ports and only about 1000 users on this server now so it didnt make sense. Once I was able to determine this was not just one user, but most likely all, the reboot cleared it up (which is not ideal in this envt and I hate to do this because it may fix the issue for now but without understanding what actually happened, doesnt help us in the future. One point you raised that catches my eye is the mailbox moves. Although this user and the system mailbox were on the same server and had not been moved to my knowledge, this is a very dynamic exchange envt with mailbox moves happening daily. (upgrading to new e2k3 servers). Thanks again for your feedback.

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