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User Depresses Message button and receive different message

When a user despress the message button on their ip phone, he/she will receive "there are more than 40 names in the directory". What's causing this issue. We are on 4.0(5) with domino message store.

Cisco Employee

Re: User Depresses Message button and receive different message

Well, little hard to say with the details in front of me here. my best first guess would be that you have a routing rule that is sending the direct callers going to Unity to a name lookup handler that is set to playback all names - that is a pretty wild guess though.

You can take a quick look in the SA under routing rules for direct calls and see what's there - if there's a rule for all inbound calls that is going to a name lookup handler, this is your problem. If not, you'll need to do a little more digging.

I'd start by opening up the Port STatus Monitor exe app which can be found in the tools depot on your desktop under Switch Integration Tools. Select to open all ports and make your call again. Then you can see the flow of the call and see what's happening (and tell us). This may give us some more clues as to how inbound direct calls are being routed.

New Member

Re: User Depresses Message button and receive different message

That's exactly what the issue was. Someone had created a routing rule in the "direct call" that send the caller to a directory handler. When a new routing rule is creating, why does it put the rule at the front of the rule. I would think that it should create it and place it in the back or created it and disable it by default. Then let the administrator put it toward the back of the rule and have him/her enable the routing rule as needed.

Cisco Employee

Re: User Depresses Message button and receive different message

usually when you create a custom rule it's more spefcific than the base rules that come installed by default. In other words it'll be for calls coming from a specific number or forwarded from a specific station or the like and these need to be processed first before the general "all calls" rules. We go with the usual case - if we put rules in at the bottom we'd have the opposite problem where it'd never be reached and folks would wonder why it's not working.

You can disable a routing rule without deleting it, of course. If you're not sure how routing rules work or don't have time to test it then deactivating it is the way to go. I'm not sure you can point at Unity and complain we have a flaw because we allow you to add a routing rule like this.

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