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User enable disable voicemail

Hi all!

My question might be a bit basic but here it is : I have just finished setting up a unity voicemail deployment. Customer asks if it is possible to give the capability of activation or deactivation of the voicemail to the user. As far as I have searched, I know that mailboxes should be crated by the administrator and call manager should be updated to forward the calls to voicemail by hte administrator too. Is there a way to define that unity will play a different prompt to the caller if the user that is being called has not yet enrolled on the system? any other idea would be appreciated. thank you very much!

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Re: User enable disable voicemail

You can use the Extended Abscence greeting for this if you want - this is intended to be used when folks are going to be on leave and don't want messages left for them while they're out - admins or users can configured this but in your case it sounds like you'd want to configure it as active for new users and then after they enroll make sure users turn it off - you can configure it such that when subscribers log into their mailbox over the phone they are told their extended abscence greeting is enabled and they are given the option to turn it off (which will then make the mailbox act normally and take messages for them).

You can check out more about this in the admin guide here:

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Re: User enable disable voicemail

Thanx lindborg, your answer was extremely helpful.

Terminologywise, I assume that Extended Abscence greeting is the alternate greeting in 4.0.4 ? I will try to do what you suggested and update with a new post, thanx!

Re: User enable disable voicemail

Where is this option in 4.2? i was looking in the "Greetings" of the profile, and its not an option. Is this something needs to be turned by a Bulk Edit?

Thanks Jeff!

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Re: User enable disable voicemail

The alternate greeting can be adjusted on the "alternate" greeting page in the greetings section - this s where you can define an expiration date, determine if messages are allowed and such.

You can turn on the alternate greeting notification option on the conversation page - it's under the "After logging on play" section.

Yes, they can also be adjusted in BulkEdit.

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