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User Import in Unity 7.0


I installed Unity 7.0 at a customer as UMS Integration in Active Directory.

If I want to import users with the Bulk import tool I get the error message that Display_Name is not an allowed header.

I installed Unity so that it is not allowed for Unity to create Users in AD. I got the error.log in german does this help you?

kind regards Achim


Re: User Import in Unity 7.0

Hi -

Do you need to code this in your input file? It is an optional field, from Cisco's administration guide information:

"Specifies the display name for the subscriber. The format selected here should be consistent with the Exchange name generation rule for existing Exchange mailboxes.

When no display name is specified, it is constructed in one of the following ways, as applicable:

•The first and last names as specified in the message store." Since you are creating the user in AD and mail-enabling before import into Unity sounds like it will take the information from the existing mail account.

•"The first and last names as specified in the rule in the subscriber template that is selected during the import." This sounds like another option for you to try, leave it blank in the csv file, but designate how you want it in the Subscriber template to be used during the import.

"Enter any combination of letters, digits, spaces, periods, commas, apostrophes, or other characters-including dashes, up to a maximum of 64 characters."

I only have experience with English version so I don't know if that could be part of the problem you are seeing, but hope it may help somewhat.



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Re: User Import in Unity 7.0


I don't want to use the csy file. I wanted to import the users direct from AD. When I do this I received the error message.


Re: User Import in Unity 7.0

Do a quick test. IF you cant import from the SA webpage of Unity, then you have a bigger problem, probably permissions.

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Re: User Import in Unity 7.0


from the SA web page I can import users. But the customer have about 800 users and I don't want to import them one after another.


Re: User Import in Unity 7.0

Since you are importing from AD, you should not need the display name.

Please see table 15-1




AD will populate the display name.

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