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Using COBRAS to copy Call Handlers to new Unity UM 5x box

I just want to copy only Call Handlers from an existing Unity UM 5.0(1) box to a new Unity UM 5.0(1) box that I am building new. However I used COBRAS to export only Call Handlers but when I go to import I get "Cobras Import for Unity: MDB File selected contains an empty table for subscribers - this is invalid. Please select an MDB file created by the corresponding export tool.

My plan is to then use GSM to move users later.

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Re: Using COBRAS to copy Call Handlers to new Unity UM 5x box

Not sure I understand how exactly you backed up just call handlers - that's not supported by the tool - did you hack up the MDB file manually? When you do a backup of a valid system install of any version of Unity or Connection, all objects in the database are noted in the backup (they have to be for it to work). There is no option to backup only call handlers... if there's an empty subscriber table either you whacked the MDB file, the install you backed up is badly damaged or something is horribly wrong with the COBRAS backup version you're using.

Can you indicate which versions of both the backup and restore you are using? And if you did a regular backup and didn't touch the MDB file, please contact me off line and send me the MDB file from the backup (just the directory, no messages if you happened to back those up). I'd like to take a look.

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Re: Using COBRAS to copy Call Handlers to new Unity UM 5x box

Just following up for anyone running across this thread later who might get confused.

COBRAS backup gets all object data - the checkboxes on the backup application only allow you to decide if you want to exclude voice names, greetings, messages or private distribution list data for users (or handlers or distribution lists) - this does _not_ exclude subscribers from the backup - all subscribers, call handlers, schedules, interview handlers and distribution list data is included in every backup.

If you edit the MDB file to remove a table or empty out subscriber data or the like, the COBRAS restore will not run. Ever.

During the restore you have complete control over what gets restored - it's not like DiRT, you can choose to restore only a single call handler if you wish. Just because all the data was backed up does _not_ mean COBRAS forces you to restore it. You have total control over what gets restored in every respect. But you have to do this during the restore wizard, not by editing the MDB file.

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