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Using Phone Dialer with IP Phone 7941

We have recently been able to move offices and during that time, we have been able to install some 7941 IP phones on a dedicated VoIP network. This is all working fine but we are now interested in using the phones with a program called ACT! which uses the Windows Dialler. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, does anyone know the location of any documents or can point me in the right direction to getting the phones working with Windows Dialler?


Re: Using Phone Dialer with IP Phone 7941

It is possible. You need to install and configure Cisco TSP (TAPI protocol) for each Windows workstation.

This document should help you - old but good :)




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Re: Using Phone Dialer with IP Phone 7941

i guess i can help with the following notes:

1) download Cisco TSP from the call manager and install on the workstation you want to use windows dialer on

2) make sure the lines are allowed to be controlled from CTI (a tick from the line configuration)

3)associate the device(on which the line is added) with the user, then configure the TSP from the phone and modem options from the control panel.

4) you can also use this document, it is useful for you from which i see

also you might need Wave driver if your program is supposed to deal with the voice media

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