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Using TTY Angel to create new Unity system prompts?

How do you create new system prompts using the TTY Angel, I've had a play with it in our Lab and managed to turn all our ENG prompts into modem tones!

The actual aim is to alter the Standard Unity Greeting so that it includes an instruction to press 0 for reception (hidden option as standard).

Eg - "Extension x x x x is not available, please press 0 to be diverted to reception or please hold to leave a message."

It all seems very simple and feasible if all users record their own messages but our customer would like this as default.

I have found where they are all stored and believe altering AvPHGreetENG037 is what is required ... but using a different voice for this will sound awful... hence wanting to use TTY Angel.


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Re: Using TTY Angel to create new Unity system prompts?

You shouldn't need to create the system prompts over - you used to in the old days which is why the option is there but since 4.0(5) we've been shipping the TTY prompts in their entirety as language code "ENX" - should be available on any install.

i'm not sure I understand your last comment - maybe I'm not getting what, exactly, you're trying to do here. If the subscriber or call handler in question is set to use ENX (the TTY language code), then the system generated greeting will be played in the TTY tones. I'm confused by what you mean by "using a different voice for this will sound awful".

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Re: Using TTY Angel to create new Unity system prompts?

Hi Lindborg,

What I meant is that I could get the customer to re-record AvPhGreetENG0037 saying "[Extension] [xxxx] [is not available] [please press 0 to be diverted to Reception or leave a message]" using a microphone (which is what they want) but seeing as Unity uses the same female UK or US voice throughout for it's prompts then the voice would be different (especially when the xxxx is automatically read out).

Would I be correct in saying that the sentence they require is possible to build using different AvPhGreet "segments" to build up the greeting?

I think I may be misunderstanding what TTY is used for... thought we could type anything into the window and it would create a useable wav file. ???


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