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Veritas upgrade

We are currently running Veritas 9.0. We tried to upgrade to version 10.1 and had a database error issue during the upgrade. We had Veritas support work on the issue for a few hours with no luck. They tried to do a repair installation and when we rebooted the server, the network connection service experienced errors. We had to take the server down and reboot it to the mirrored disk we made prior to the version 10.1 upgrade. The vendor that is working with us on this project keeps telling me that we should be using DIRT and not Veritas. Is that really the right choice, or is it because they are more familiar with DIRT than the Veritas product. I don't know the answer, but what I am trying to determine is what versions of Veritas are approved for Unity running on a MCS-7835I server?

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Re: Veritas upgrade

Cisco does not support specific backup software for use with Unity. They don't forbid it, but basically it's up to you to verify interoperability. Additionaly, if an issue arises, TAC may require the removal of backup software before proceeding with diagnosing the problem. I think you'll find that DiRT does everyything that you need to backup and restore Unity.

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Re: Veritas upgrade

Considerations for Choosing Backup Software

We recommend that you use a backup software package to back up a Cisco Unity server rather than using the Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery tools (DiRT) for the following reasons:

•DiRT is intended as a tool to be used only for upgrading Cisco Unity software and for migrating to another directory or configuration. Backup software is designed for use in a comprehensive backup strategy.

•DiRT requires that the Cisco Unity software be stopped in order to back up all Cisco Unity data reliably. Backup software can back up the Cisco Unity server while Cisco Unity continues to run.

•DiRT backs up only Cisco Unity data and, optionally, Exchange messages. (Refer to DiRT Help for limitations about backing up Exchange messages.) Backup software does not have this limitation.

•DiRT cannot back up software installed on the Cisco Unity server, so restoring the server from a DiRT backup may require additional time. Backup software can back up both software and data.

•DiRT is not supported for backing up the Cisco Unity Bridge. Backup software is supported for backing up the Cisco Unity Bridge.

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