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New Member

Very Disappointed

I want to vent about something with the Call Manager and the DST. There are 4 patches that must be applied. These are not optional if you apply one, you must apply all 4 and you also have to apply them in a certain order. Well why not release one single patch that applies this stuff in the right order?????

Now, all my times are correct on all my servers, and on all my phones, but yet my time of day routing does not happen till an hour later and I dont know if maybe I applied these patches in the wrong order or what. Anyway, this is not 10 years ago, this is 2007 and programmers should create a simple SINGLE patch to apply.

Last but not least, the damn firmware version release Feb 27 is version 8.0.4SR3 and the one for last year(which I have confirmed is actually newer) is version 8.2.1 now why release stuff backwards??? I love Cisco but this is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Very Disappointed

For the TOD we have a bug which is fixed on CCM 4.1(3) ES100

CSCsh81747: Callmanager TOD routing not updated with DST patches



Time of Day routing is still 1 hour off in US timezones after applying DST



CallManager patched for DST, running in a US timezone, using TOD routing. This

is applicable from CallManager version 4.1 onwards only. This bug is not applicable to 3.3.5 version and 5.X versions.


CallManager TOD can be configured with two options from Route Partition. The options are either:

- Use specific Time Zone (You can select Time Zone from the drop down list)

- Use Originating Device Time Zone.

If the system has been patched for DST either with an ES version with the fix for CSCsf07523 or with the standalone DST patch for, the second option (Use Originating Device Time Zone) would work correctly.

Depending on the specific system, a possible workaround would be to set it to "Use Originating Device Time Zone"

If the situation is such that 'Use specific Time Zone' if needed, then the fix for this defect is required.


If you have any suggestions I recommend you to contact your Account Manager and let him know but I guess that you could understand that the work of the developers is not easy since you must likely have programmed something at some point.


New Member

Re: Very Disappointed

Where can i get that patch?? I have Call Manager 4.2(1) which my engineer said the same thing as you, he even sent me this patch, but when i went to apply it, it told me it was the wrong version.

Re: Very Disappointed

You will need to open a TAC case to get the ES for you CCM version. In the meantime you could try the workaround and see if that works for you.


New Member

Re: Very Disappointed

I cannot agree more. I love VoIP and all potential it has. Alas, the days of stable bugless voice systems it past. I have yet to upgrade a cisco voice app or ISR with out something else braking. Phones not coming back etc. It is not like this stuff or their support is cheap by any means.

Very Disappointing.

New Member

Re: Very Disappointed

I'll throw my 3 cent's worth in this thread about my frustration with the DST...

I receive all the field notices from Cisco for all of the products we use. I constantly checked the field notices regarding DST and followed all the instructions. When I left the office on Friday, the 9th, I believed everything had been patched and was completely ready for DST change on the 11th. Well...turns out field notices kept coming and the documentation kept being revised on the 9th and even on Saturday. I'm frustrated by the last minute "oh yeah, this will break too and here's the patch, workaround, ES.." As busy as we are trying to support this stuff, we don't have time for these last minute gotchas. It's unacceptable. We (at our company) have to jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops in order to make any changes to our servers and applications...we have to plan a week ahead to keep management from boxing our ears.

Ultimately, it's not Cisco's fault. Take a step back and look at why DST changed in the first place. Morons located in the Centre for Opression decided it was a good idea to change DST or even have DST in the first place.

I agree partially that programmers should have had better foresight into this. The other side is, programmers can't foresee all the stupid ideas the government will come up with forcing programming changes. Perhaps they could have forseen the DST change, but what about something completely unrelated that the government mandates affecting us all? Remember Sarbanes-Oxley? Now DST, what next?

I'm off my soapbox now. :)

New Member

Re: Very Disappointed

Cisco has ibmitis now...

you ask what that is? well it's environment that says "We're big, we don't have do to do anything easy or simple now because we've got 'em hooked"

Forgetting that the reason why everyone used Cisco was that it was easy and simple to use Cisco (CLI anyone?)

At one time they had experienced engineers (who spoke english) on the phone when you called TAC.. now you don't.

At one time when you went to networkers, you actually talked with the guy developing product, now you talk to the sales engineer who's selling product. Yeah, sure, they boned up a bit, but it isn't the same as talking to the guy who invented the product.

Frankly, I can't believe that Cisco is supporting so many different voip versions. Let's not go down the documentation front, the documentation for callmanager, unity and ipcc leave a lot to desired on the clarity front.

And I thought dealing with Ciscoworks was awful, CCM and Unity has opened the eyes.

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