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Very interesting problem with callin analog gatewy

Setup: CUCM: 6.1.2

Analog Gateway: VG224

Phones: 7940, 7945, 7960, 7965


I'm having some inconsistent and troubling issues with lines on my VoIP system being unable to call analog phones on the analog gateway (fast busy).

Here's the confusing part. Some of the phones can call the analog gateway and others cannot. I have several phones where one of the lines on the phone can call the gateway but the other line cannot. If i swap the lines and make the primary the secondary, then the problem follows the line. Then i will take the line that cannot call the gateway and put it on another phone and it work just fine. So i deleted the line from the phone and put it back on, and it was working fine. I removed the line again reset the phone, then put the line back on the phone and once again it was unable to call the gateway. So to eliminate any switch or network issues I took the phone with the line that was unable to call and plugged it into a port where there was a phone that WAS able to call. But it still was going to a fast busy. I can call the analog gateway from other analog phones on the gateway and I can call it from PSTN lines, the problem only seems to be affecting VoIP phones. This problem is affecting numerous VoIP phones throughout my system. The phones that are working are in the same CSS and same partition as those that are not, so i really do not think it's a config issue. If anyone has any insite that may help me tackle this problem i would really appreciate it.


Re: Very interesting problem with callin analog gatewy

Hi Andrew,

This sounds like a bug I filed on 12.4(20)T:



Community Member

Re: Very interesting problem with callin analog gatewy

Ur the man nick! That looks like the problem..

Re: Very interesting problem with callin analog gatewy

Cool stuff. It was a particularly odd situation. It's fixed into 20T1, or 20T2 which are both out on CCO now. 22T didn't have the problem either.


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