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Viewmail 4.05 Outlook 2003 Error

Hello - I had installed Viewmail for Outlook on my PC and it worked fine for about two weeks. Now when I open a voicemail I get the following error: "The custom form could not be opened. Outlook will use an outlook form instead. An error occurred registering the form in the ole registry." I can then open the .wav with WMP, but I am missing the VMO controls. I have tried uninstall and reinstall of ViewMail, I have checked Outlook Custom Forms and Add-In Manager. This is the second time I've run into this problem, the first time I "fixed" it by re-installing Outlook and VMO. Any help would be appreciated...


Re: Viewmail 4.05 Outlook 2003 Error

Hi -

Make sure the user doesn't have Outlook caching enabled. The forms cache could be corrupt. Here is how I have fixed this for ViewMail 4.0(5).

1. Deinstall ViewMail for Outlook.

2. Shutdown user's Outlook. Note: You may want to disable antivirus software, but we've not needed to do that.

3. Delete the two files extend.dat and frmcache.dat. These files get recreated automatically when you start Outlook. To search for these, you will need to include in Advanced search the option to look for hidden files. The files are found in the user's profile directory, i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\user\Microsoft\Outlook\Forms for the frmcache.dat and I believe just the Outlook directory for the extend.dat

4. Reinstall ViewMail for Outlook and configure

5. Check to make sure the Outlook icon appears in Outlook and you can open a voice message and see the media master.

Hope this helps! Ginger

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Re: Viewmail 4.05 Outlook 2003 Error

Thanks for your response Ginger. I don't have caching enabled. I followed your instructions step by step, but still get the same error when I try to open the voice mail. Have you got any other ideas that I can try? Otherwise, I'll probably just re-install Outlook again....

Re: Viewmail 4.05 Outlook 2003 Error

Hi there -

Here is a Cisco link I've referenced before that discusses permissions and some other items to check for VMO. Does the user have local admin rights to the PC?

One other thing, you didn't mention your ViewMail/Unity version. There may be something specific, for the version you are working with. Would help to know this just so I don't steer you in a false direction.


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Re: Viewmail 4.05 Outlook 2003 Error

Sorry about taking so long to get back to this. The user is me and I have admin rights on the PC. The version is Office 2003 and ViewMail 4.05 I followed the instructions in the article you referenced and still got the same errors. Frustrated enough at this point that I "fixed" it as I had before: uninstalled VM, re-installed Outlook, installed VM and it works fine for now. Thank you for your suggestions.

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