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ViewMail 5.0(2) For Outlook - ToolBar not Showing

We have several systems that we have installed the ViewMail for Outlook 5.0(2). On a couple systems the Media toolbar does not show when opening an email with a voicemail attachment. The application shows as installed in the control panel and the ViewMail files are installed. Rebooting and/or re-installation sometimes resolves the issue but not in all cases.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting, logs to look at, DLL or OCX files to re-register, ETC.?



Re: ViewMail 5.0(2) For Outlook - ToolBar not Showing

Hi Art -

Here is the problem we've identified in most cases:

Outlook has a problem and does not close properly, leaving the ViewMail for Outlook plugin extension disabled. You can check for this in Outlook 2003 by:

1. From Outlook, go to Help - About Microsoft Outlook

2. Click the Disabled Items button

3. If you see ViewMail there, check it to Enable it.

Another area to check:

1. From Outlook - Tools - Options

2. Select the Other tab

3. Click Advanced Options

4. Click Add-In Manager

5. Make sure the ViewMail Extensions is checked. If not, check it and reply OK.

Hope this helps!


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Re: ViewMail 5.0(2) For Outlook - ToolBar not Showing


Thank you for the suggestions. Since posting, I have noticed that the users experiencing the issue are also receiving a mailbox full warning. In a couple of instances, the toolbar returned after the users reduced their mailbox size and rebooted their system.

Re: ViewMail 5.0(2) For Outlook - ToolBar not Showing

Hi Art -

If that was the problem, yes you are correct. When the user's mailbox is full, the ViewMail form will not load. This is reported in the release notes, but it is not new functionality in ViewMail 5.x -

Regards, Ginger

Re: ViewMail 5.0(2) For Outlook - ToolBar not Showing

Does anyone know if Outlook will display a error about disabling the Viewmail plugin if the mailbox is full when starting Outlook? We are getting that sometimes when Outlook starts and trying to figure out why.

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