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VM going down everyday.

Guys. We have Unity 4.05 and its integrated with Domino 7.0, everyday at least once or sometime twice unity stop communicating with Domino. I see the error each time when it happens. However, after rebooting the Unity server it works fine after that, but I would like to know if anyone have any ideas about this error:

"Attempts to deliver Unity Message Repository messages have failed due to Unity configuration or connectivity issues with the Partner Mail Server.

AvUMRSyncSvr will suspend message delivery for 300 seconds, after which message delivery will be attempted again.

During this outage, messages may accumulate in the temporary store"

Also this one too:

Cisco Unity couldn't open the Notes database names.nsf on Server CN=AVPHUX65/OU=Servers/O=KCDATA. Notes system error ⡰Cisco Unity couldn't open the Notes database names.nsf on Server CN=AVPHUX65/OU=Servers/O=KCDATA.

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Re: VM going down everyday.

We're running Unity 4.0(5) with Domino 7.0 as well. What ES are you running? We have:







It's been very stable with these ES patches applied. It only goes berserk when Domino loses its mind.

I've seen those error messages before when the Domino server is incredibly busy and is very behind in processing mail. For instance when Domino has crashed and has to run a consistency check on all of our mail boxes.

How many Domino/Unity users do you have? We have 285 subscribers a the moment.

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Re: VM going down everyday.

We have ES30, 74 & 82 Installed.

We have 2 Domino servers and One Unity server.

We have 450 subscribers.

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Re: VM going down everyday.

The first thing I might try is ES 45. It is required for integrating with Domino 7.0 per:

How long has the system been in production, and how long has the problem been happening?

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Re: VM going down everyday.

We have ES74 installed, which supersedes the following 4.0(5) ESes: 7,

16, 21, 31, 45, 51, 59, 62 and 68. It has been localized for ENU and ENG

only. So we don't need to worry about ES45.

Any other ideas? thanks.

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Re: VM going down everyday.

Hi Ryan,

The errors you mentioned are a bit generic, so they're not leading to a direct answer.

Can you take a step back and ensure that there are no issues with connectivity between the Unity server and the Domino server (I've seen issues where a switch port in between servers was set to half duplex and caused intermittent problems)?

Also, is DNS reliable between the two servers?

Is your virus scan software up-to-date on both Unity and Domino servers?

Does the issue occur at a consistent time during the day (e.g. around 2am every day)?

When Unity can no longer communicate with the Domino server, can you connect to the Domino server via a different device to retrieve e-mail messages?

I'm sure you've probably covered most of this, but without more instructive errors being generated, I'd like to rule out baseline stuff.


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Re: VM going down everyday.

Domino is installed on AIX.

DNS is fine because when unity stopped communicating with Domino, we can still do other things from Unity server

It is not consistent, it happens any time.

Our Anti virus is up-to-date on Unity server.

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Re: VM going down everyday.


You may have said this, but I wasn't 100% clear from your response.

When the error message is generated, can you login via a Notes client and access e-mail messages from the same server that Unity is failing to contact?

Uploading the GUSI output to this post may provide those watching this thread with a bit more insight.



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Re: VM going down everyday.

We have had the same issue now for 2 months and support has not been able to resolve. I can add the following:

Before the "cannot connect to Domino server" error, the following error is always present several times before it happens:

Event 142

Error occured while preparing a Non delivery receipt for playing. Unity needs to create a new version of the message to be able to resubmit from the TUI. IAvDohMessage::get_ResubmitMessage Procedure returned [0x80004004] on line 4821 of file H:\views\ESB1_view\un_Conv1\Scripted\ConvSub\PlayMsg.cpp.

As an FYI - At the point of the "cannot connect to dominoserver" error, I can stop Unity and would expect to be able to launch the physical Notes client BUT you will always get file in use errors whereas a normal stop of Unity would allow the client to be maqnually launched.

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Re: VM going down everyday.


I just wanted to let you know that after spending decent amount of time troubleshooting the issue, finally I found the issue was related to one user mail fine. Her mail database got corrupted and whenever she tries to access her voicemail, it was bringing the unity down, after removing her mailfile from notes, and re-add the completely new mail database resolved the issue. by the way, she was the only one in the company who couldnt pay the vm over the phone and when she reported to the helpdesk, we were able to track down the issue. We did call cisco but they were not able to solve the problem, we did it our own.. it was a great experience though.

Thank you for all your help, much appreciated.

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Re: VM going down everyday.

Other than the user complaining to the helpdesk, was there a log entry anywhere that pointed to the user?

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