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VMO 4.1 with Outlook 2002 > No Media Master Control

Unity 4.1(1) Unified Messaging with Exchange 2003, any known issue with using VMO 4.1.1 with Outlook 2002, this person isn’t getting the media master control when she opens a email, we want to playback via the telephone (she doesn’t have soundcard/speakers) -jason

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Re: VMO 4.1 with Outlook 2002 > No Media Master Control

I ran into this same issue a couple of times. I haven't found the root cause, but if you create the user a new Windows profile on the machine, the problem will go away. Log in to the machine as an administrator and go to c:\documents and settings (assuming you're using W2K/XP) and rename the current user profile profilenameold. Log in as the user and start Outlook. After setting up the Outlook profile, Viewmail should work. Don't forget to move the user's documents, desktop items, favorites, etc. from the old profile to the new.

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Re: VMO 4.1 with Outlook 2002 > No Media Master Control

Hello -

I noticed something in your post that perhaps you entered incorrectly. The media master control is not displayed when a user opens an email, only a voice message, specifically one with the Message Class IPM.Note.Voice.Unity. If your user is really opening a voice message and not seeing the Media Master control, it might have become disabled. Here are some steps to take:

1. Ensure the user has:

Local admin rights on the PC

2. ViewMail shows installed via Add/Remove Programs

3. ViewMail extensions checked in Add-In Manager

4. ViewMail form is published in Personal Forms library

If all of these check out and reinstalling ViewMail does not help or new Outlook profile, ViewMail may be disabled in Outlook.

We checked Outlook – Help – About Microsoft Outlook

- Clicked on the Disabled Items button

- Found ViewMail was disabled.

- Clicked Enable

- Stopped/Restarted Outlook

This got ViewMail working again!

Regards, Ginger

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