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Voice mail not recording now

We had some issues over the weekend with our Exchange email server. We had to create 3 new Mailbox stores and are in the process of decomissioning the main mailbox store. I ran the Message store configuration wizard to reflect the

changes made to the Mailbox store. I then ran Permissions wizard to make sure

that all the permissions are OK.

Now when you get someones Voicemail it does not record. It will site there for 3 seconds then ask it you want to leave the message. But it does not record. This is for all users.


Re: Voice mail not recording now

Hi -

Just saw your post as I've been on vacation. The first thing I thought of is the Unity_servername mailbox, which is used to take messages from outside callers. If this mailbox is moved, you need to recycle the AvUMRSyncSvr service, otherwise messages get stuck in the UnityMTA folder. Are you seeing any DoH or MalEx errors in your event log or any other errors for that matter when the caller is unable to record a message? I'm sure you should be getting some sort of error .... are any of your Unity services not starting?


Cisco Employee

Re: Voice mail not recording now

The app logs should have some errors.

Did you create the new mailstore on a new server or existing exchange server?

Two quick thing to check:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\MalEx\1.0\ServerName and make sure it is the new server.

Check the Unity_ account to make sure the mailbox is on the new server.

Community Member

Re: Voice mail not recording now

I dont have any idea about cisco's unity product, But according to me , its the permission issue. When some one leaves a voicemail, it has to be stored somewhere, (storage location) it can be a NAS (network attached storage), or anything. If you loose the permission to write files to it, it can happen. Trying to understand how cisco's product works.



Cisco Employee

Re: Voice mail not recording now

Messages are recorded on Unity before they are transferred to Exchange mailbox. The messages are located in Commserver\UnityMTA folder.

If you stop the Microsoft Exch Info Store svc, you will see the messages in the UNITYMTA folder.

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