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Voice port licensing issue setting up unity5 failover server

I'm setting up my unity 5 failover server and having trouble setting up the ports when I create a new integration in the integration manager.

Here is my setup: I have 2 call manager 6.1 servers in an AD environment running exchange 2003. I have setup my primary unity server with 16 voice ports and installed the licenses (that includes my failover ports). I'm trying to setup my second server as a failover, and I've been following the guide, but in the guide it says to install the default license on the failover server. I install the default license (which has 2 voice ports) and continue with the guide. Later on in the guide, at the “To Integrate the Phone System with Cisco Unity on the Secondary Server” section, it says “When the message appears saying that you have entered more ports than you are allowed, click OK. (You will deal with port settings later in the installation.)”.

This is where I'm having trouble.

When I'm setting up the new integration with the “manage integration” program, I only have 2 voice ports since the default license is for 2. I can't change that to 16 and move on like the guide says. When I click “add port” I get “you cannot add more ports. There are no more port licenses available”.

My failover licenses are installed on my primary unity server like it's supposed to be. After this step I'm done with the integration, so it's not like it get configured later. And ideas? I'm sure it's something simple I missed but I've been going over the “Installation Guide for Cisco Unity in a Unified Messaging Configuration with Microsoft Exchange (With Failover Configured)” guide for a while and I can't find anything.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Re: Voice port licensing issue setting up unity5 failover server

Simple, leave your failover server with the default 2 port licensing. On CUCM, add in the 16 ports for failover. Make sure you name the ports for each server appropriately.

Add 16 for Primary, hunt group, hunt list.

add 16 for failover, hunt group, hunt list, etc.

You will only see 2 ports. But when failover is triggered, all 16 ports will turn on.

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Re: Voice port licensing issue setting up unity5 failover server

thanks for your reply. I'll check it out soon and let you know if it worked!

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