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Voicemail actions

Hello folks,

New to the CME and CUE scene and would like to know where I can find information or how to allow prompting in voice mails.

For example; if a voice mail user records - You have reached the voice mail of <anyUser> if you wish to leave a message stay on the line, or press '2' for technical support.

At that point the caller either gets delivered to voicemail or transferred to another extension.

I'm not sure if I should write an autoattendant script to intercept any and all voice mail that would allow that sort of thing, or if there's some sort of feature in the system that already does this.

I'll definately need a bit of help in writing that autoattendant script.



Re: Voicemail actions

Configuring caller input to transfer out to a different number from each user's mailbox is not yet possible in CUE. I think this feature is coming in a future release. You can do these transfers from generic autoattendant scripts, but not from each end-user's voicemail greeting. Though this feature is possible with Unity.

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Re: Voicemail actions

I think what you can do is instead of using "2" you can use "0".

Create a ephone-dn and call forward all back to technical support mailbox.

I hope i have answered your question.

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