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Voicemail moved into subfolders can't be listened to via callin

Hey guys, I have a rule setup on my Outlook '03 Inbox to automatically move all voicemails from Unity to a subfolder labeled "VMAIL". What I noticed however is that when I callin to Unity, it does not have any of my voicemails. I'm assuming it's b/c the pointers it uses to look inside my mailbox doesn't follow to the subfolders under the Inbox. Is this a known problem? Or is there a fix? I have many users that keep vmail for decades and would not like to have to keep it all directly in their Inbox. Any help is appeciated. Thanks!


Re: Voicemail moved into subfolders can't be listened to via cal

This is the only way Unity works. It will only read voicemails that are in the Inbox of outlook. This also goes for the MWI light. If you have a rule setup to automatically move a voicemail to a subfolder, MWI will turn on, then off right away. When you call into Unity through the TUI interface, Unity goes into the subscribers mailbox and scans the Inbox for new Voicemails. If they are not in the inbox, no messages are played.

There is no way around this as of now.


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