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Voicemail Only, voicemails showing up late

I have not quite pin pointed this problem yet... I have reboot both servers.



The in are in the domain ipt.noa

both of these servers are the only servers in this domain.

DNS is loaded unitymsg1

DNS does respond a little odd.. if I ping unity1 (v4.1.1) it does not show unity1.ipt.noa, as a response, just the server name.

So where I am going with this is... I have had subscribers on and off during our pilot say that they would check voicemail and retreive the voicemails and hangup. The end of the day, somewhere, about 5 more messeges randomly showed up. Its almost like Unity was storing them, then all of sudden connected the Exchange store and dumped them in there. (with no light then either)

The reason I brought DNS is up is I was thinking that this might be an AD problem. Not sure though. Is there something I can check in Unity that it is staying connected to the msg store? The event viewer does not have any errors on either server, but something is not right.

any tips or prior headaches are appreciated

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Re: Voicemail Only, voicemails showing up late

Hey Tommer, long time no talk to. I am having the exact same issue with a VMO installation for a couple users at one of the remote sites. They are receiving voicemails at the end of the day from the previous day. Did you ever get any feedback on this issue, do you remember what fixed it? I am using Unity 5 with Exchange 2003. Any light would be great thanks!

Re: Voicemail Only, voicemails showing up late

My guess would be the connection between Exchange and Unity. You can do a quick test by using OWA.

Leave a voicemail message for the problem account.

Log into the OWA of the Exchange server with http://Exchangeserveripaddress/exchange/alias

You can use the Unitymsgstore account to read any account in Exchange. (since it has rights to)

If the message is in OWA, that means Unity did deliver the message from Unity to Exchange. If you dial into the Unity with TUI and Unity reports no new messages, then Unity has a permissions issue logging into the the Exchange account to report on new or read v-mail messages.

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