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VPIM broadcast from Unity to CUE failure


I have two separate Unity-to-CUE VPIM setups and was testing sending a broadcast message from Unity to CUE via the Broadcast Administrator interface to a PDL list created in Unity. The

PDL has CUE VPIM Subscriber listed as a member. Somehow one setup works but not the other.

I activated smtp and vpim traces in both setups and did a comparison between the two. The difference is that the succesful trace showed some additional headers which the failed trace do

not. The additional headers are as follows:

3692 05/30 11:12:39.452 netw vpim 4 VPIM: X-CISCO-SBM-ID: {B4105B85-F294-4918-91E3-4C815F42EEB3}

3692 05/30 11:12:39.453 netw vpim 4 VPIM: X-CISCO-SBM-CUSTOM1: 41DDD028E4EBA0BDA0D60CE3877D9FE7

3692 05/30 11:12:39.456 netw vpim 4 VPIM: X-CISCO-SBM-END-TIME: 29 Jun 2009 15:03:41 GMT

I am not 100% sure whether this is the cause but suspected it as CUE in the failed scenario responded by sending a NDR to Unity claiming that the "" voicemail box does not

exist which actually is the CUE location VPIM broadcast ID with a corresponding Distribution List created within that CUE. I have attached the full traces as well in this message.

Is the additional header something related to Unity informing CUE that the message sent is a broadcast rather than a regular subscriber mailbox and specifies the end date of the validity of the broadcast. My question is why is

the failed setup did not send these additional "broadcast tag" when both the configs are setup the same and the procedure of sending the broadcast was executed the same way i.e. via the Broadcast Administrator menu.

Any response is appreciated.



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